What to expect when you arrive

Pulling into the dirt road that leads to the Fox Squirrel Corn Maze, you’ll immediately be surrounded by the incredible beauty that is the Single R Ranch. You’ll then be able to park under the wonderful shade of the oak trees and walk up to a new 1 year old ticket booth. This is where you begin a day full of adventure and fun.

How to get the most out of your day

While the weather is still kind of cool outside, the first thing you’ll want to experience is the corn maze. You’ll find the “In Here” sign just ahead of the ticket booth to the left. This is a great place for a group photo and perhaps a Facebook “check-in” before you begin this adventure. Count how many times you find a dead end and see if you can keep it under 10. You can also take lots of amazing photos throughout the maze to look back at later. When you see the “Eggs-it” sign, you’ll know you made it!

After conquering the maze, go sit and enjoy a nice refreshing drink of lemonade, tea, or water under the shade of our huge oak trees. From 11am to 4pm each day you’ll be able to enjoy the relaxing sounds provided by the popular Duck Wallow Lane bluegrass band. Pickin’ & grinnin’ as they pluck away at their stringed instruments.

Once your relaxed, head on over to our yard games such as Corn Hole, the Gigantic Slingshot, Dummy Steer Ropin’, Badminton or the Duck Races. Challenge your friends and family to some competitive fun. One of the favorite things children of all ages like to do after the excitement is a relaxing hayride around the farm… see who will be the first to spot our very own Fox Squirrel, Sherman.

On your way out, take a stroll and see what items our unique vendors are offering, the pumpkin patch, and playground for more great memories. We guarantee a day you’ll never forget, we’re in the memory making business.
For more information about our fall maze in Plant City, check out our website.

website: http://futchentertainment.com/the-fox-squirrel-corn-maze/


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